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Where are we?

Custom Murals is based in Stockton on Tees, in the North East of England.

As well as working in our local area, Custom Murals has also worked on projects stretching as far afield as West Yorkshire and Tyneside.

About the Artist – Lindsey Coxon

In 1996 I qualified with a Degree in Textile and Surface Pattern Design from The University of Leeds (Bretton Hall). From there I went on to work within the textile industry, designing wall papers and furnishing fabrics for both national and international markets.

Many years later, whilst bringing up my family, I was looking at returning to work but was undecided as to what to do. I happened to be redecorating my eldest son’s bedroom when I offered to paint his favourite comic character on his bedroom wall. It was this mural that gave me the inspiration to take the plunge and become a self-employed artist!

I can paint either direct onto the walls of your home or businesses, or if you are not sure about painting direct onto the wall I can also custom paint a canvas or on to a board for you instead, making your mural transferable.  If you want something different painting, like a toy box, a piece of furniture or even the garden shed, whatever you want don’t be afraid to ask and we will do our best to help!

In addition to the work detailed above I have recently been given an exciting opportunity to illustrate a children’s book, which is now available to buy from Amazon. This is a new area of work for me but I am hoping to develop my illustration portfolio in the near future! If you would like to keep up to date with my work, news and offers you can ‘like’ my Facebook page!


The Design Stage

After contacting Custom Murals I will get in touch to discuss the likely scope of your project and which of our services you may be interested in and also identify whether or not we need  to arrange an initial consultation. In a lot of cases you may be able to give us a clear description or provide an image of what you want, along with wall measurements of the area to be covered, then a quote can be sent to you via email.

Free Initial Consultation

In some cases it may be essential to come out and view the area to be painted, discuss your requirements and budget, make initial suggestions and assess how much involvement you need from us. I will visit you at your home or business and spend a short while discussing your requirements, getting to know you and understand the kind of look and feel you want to achieve. I may also make notes and take photographs at this stage. This is also your opportunity to view my portfolio if you wish and ask as many questions as you like about our services. Following this meeting I will send you a quotation for the design work that we propose to undertake.

So, why wait? Contact us now for a free no obligation quote and transform your home or workplace with a stylish work of art!


Pricing will depend on the size of the mural, the amount of detail required and how far I need to travel. A quote would be agreed in advance of the work going ahead. Don’t worry if the work takes longer than anticipated, I can only estamate how long it will take and once a price is agreed so long as no big changes are made then this will not affect the original quote.

In most cases payment will be requested upon completion of the work, however there may be some exceptions. Most murals will start at a minimum fee of £80. This price would increase if I needed to travel outside my local area. An example price of an average fully painted wall about 2-3 meters wide could be around £200-£300. It’s always best to enquire as something very simple would be less and a very complicated design would be more.

Before arriving to start the mural the wall should be of a suitable condition and ready for the mural to be painted. Any furniture should be moved away from the areas to be painted. Customers should take into consideration that if you wish to eventually paint over the mural, the area my need sanding first as some texture from the mural may remain. Murals can be painted onto pre painted lining paper. I will bring a waterproof dust sheet to protect your floor and will mask off coving and door frames, skirting etc.  I am fully insured as a mural artist.

Custom painted canvases, boards or any other surfaces again vary in price depending on the size and detail required, and could start from a little as £20 please contact us for more information on any pricing queries.



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